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Manawatu Ideal Home Show

22nd, 23rd and 24th July 2016
This is a great show and probably the best place to get great ideas for your house and garden.
We'll be there as usual and showing off some new outdoor products.
Come and say hi, we'd love to see you there.





September 2015


We are thrilled to announce that Fanau Pacifika Kindergarten are the WINNERS of our Weather Protection Promotion, we visited the centre recently to present them with their colourful set of game cushions, what a delightful welcome they gave us - we are sure they will have lots of fun inventing games with their new cushions!







August 2015

we have put ourselves out there!

- Canvasland has entered the Electra Business Awards, ...... it would warm the cockles of our heart if you could show us some support by sending a vote our way - only if you thought we deserved it of course!



July 2015

it's that time of year again!


Come and see us at the Palmerston North home show, we will be at site number 178,
see below for dates and times... and special offer!



We will have an extra special on our famous bach bags, between 10:00am - 12 midday we will have 50% off an unfilled Bach bag, choose from a great range of colours, limited numbers.








Unfilled Bach Bag


Normally $129.00 incl gst special show price $64.50 incl gst


April 2015

breaking news - 'Canvasland launches online shop'

Yes indeed its all true! we have a website dedicated to selling some of our amazing products - feel free to browse, we will be adding products regularly and if there is something you would like us to stock don't hesitate to make contact!    Click on our actual shop to visit our virtual shop . . .
















January 2015



A bizzare sight near the Mahon Amusements site recently, their 'Merry Go Round' Horses relaxing on the trailer after a hard days riding,  covered for the night. 
We custom made, this padded, hard wearing, shaped to fit, jacket and hood to keep each filly in tip top conditon till the next race!























August 2014

FROM scrap to aRT!

We were recently approached by a young lady who had a project - she was tasked to design an outfit for a secondary school, wearable art show (details of her brief below).
Coincidently at the time we had a project which left us with an unusual amount of scrap PVC, which we were happy to donate to her -  and she went to work to create the outfit you see below.
Congratulations Jodi, we think you did an amazing job!
 - a future career in PVC fashion perhaps? 


Jodi's Brief ' My costume ‘Cervos Branco’ is a white deer. This costume was entered into the secondary school competition ‘Evento Wearable Art awards’ in the Lore Performance Art section which only involved people in my art class. We had to design a costume based on a mythical figure from celtic mythology. In Celtic mythology, the white deer was thought to be a mythical creature that was believed to lead hunters to the land of the fairies and elves etc, when it was just trying to run away from it’s predators. Since this was a performance-based category, I had to design a costume that would have stage presence and would be easy to move in, as well as being able to portray a character that could interact with other people and objects on stage. To make it stand out from the others I decided to make it all white with green LED lights in the centre of the chest (which was sewn into the celtic ‘tree of life’ symbol), because I knew all the other costumes would be using dark colours and characters, therefore my costume contrasted against the others on stage. I also wanted to make it versatile and create shadows on stage, which is why I used PVC as one of the main materials, and used that to create 3D dimensional shapes on the jacket, pants and boots. Lace and nylon rope was used on the rest of the costume to create more textural elements and to introduce more delicate and Celtic-looking features.




July 2014



We recently attended the 2014 OFPANZ (outdoor fabric products association of New Zealand), bi-annual trade exhibition and conference.
We were thrilled to leave with an award for excellence in ‘EMERGING INNOVATION’ - Pertaining to only new products, an original idea or design.
This was brilliant recognition of a project that we really enjoyed and one that took us to new heights of balancing innovative design with practical use in a world renowned live show - ‘WOW’ – indeed!


Below: Leigh Brind - Canvasland, Operations Manager (right) receiving our award from Gold Sponsor Grant Stewart (Reid and Twiname Limited)





February 2014

ICC Cricket World Cup is coming ...


What better way to announce it than with a Giant inflatable cricket ball created here at Canvasland!




January 2014, Wellington

W.O.W - just one of the great projects of 2013!

This is a magnificent project and the Canvasland Team really enjoyed the experience of developing the original model into reality.  We trialed a number of iterations before the final structure design was resolved.
We needed to make a robust yet ‘soft’ structure.  It needed to be lightweight and easy to position on stage by performers.  Six separate elements make up the final feature. click to read more...

November 2013, Christchurch

The Level Playing Field


“Make me a huge mattress allowing people to be inside and on top of it at the same time”.
David Cross never asks for much!!  This amazing piece of interactive art features at Scape Art in Christchurch.  It was dreamt up by David Cross and then sent to the Canvasland Team to develop a design that matched the vision that David had.
We felt compelled to take on the challenge.  This 20 metre long, 12 metre wide monster allows teams to compete against each other (you really need to watch the video clip to appreciate it).  Our design team spent considerable time ensuring appropriate safety protocols were introduced including a standalone, airtight, centre beam as a safety refuge point, in the event of a power failure.
This monstrous air inflated cushion needed to have a soft finish yet be rigid enough to carry competitors across the unit.  We achieved this by introducing adjustable air release panels.
Out in all weather conditions ‘Level Playing Field’ has survived the elements and the huge number of competitors who have engaged in the artwork.
Our client, and Scape Art in Christchurch, have been very complimentary to us in terms of what we have delivered.


April, 2013, Wellington 

The Heart

This project needed innovation to make it work!

We needed to be able to hold the unit free standing when not fully inflated, the solution was a 120kg ballast base, we also introduced an airtight inner system to sustain some shape. Read more.





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